The ACB Systems Gallery

ACB Systems has found some rather nice slide show code ..... courtesy of, which gives a smooth and satisfying way of sequencing sets of pictures, either manually or time sequenced as required.  Add to that a further method employed using a system known as "Highslide" ..... which gives another enjoyable option. See ♦ ♦ markers.

In Internet Explorer, Pixery makes use of Explorer filter options to generate different transitions - these can be chosen from a drop-down menu that will appear in IE only. In other browsers there will still be a drop-down for sequence timing options - these appearing when ''Start Slideshow" is selected, otherwise the user can simply utilize the forward and back arrow buttons to suit their chosen viewing speed. Best seen in most cases on a screen set at 1024x768 or better, and possibly full-screen as well to reduce the need for scrolling on vertical images. Enjoy.

The Current Selection of ACB System's Slide Shows
MVPA Convoy 2009 ♦ ♦ New!  June 14th 2009 - the 90th Anniversary of the transcontinental convoy is recorded during a convoy stop at Old Bedford Village PA.
Surf Extravaganza A small selection of stunning images by Clarke Little - maybe the ultimate photographer of this genre.  Guess he gets wet!
Flight Enjoyment Ultralights, parachutes and RC models - flying at Ickes Public Airport, PA. Most pic's from memorial Day Weekend 2008, a few from earlier. The yellow plane carries a small video camera .....  watch a clip (9Mb) - and the red/white plane is quarter scale (84" wing span)
More Flight Enjoyment A collection of warbird display flying - some from Memorial Day over flights near New York, and others from Andrews Airforce Base. Pictures gleaned from web and resized.
Bugs Slide Show A collection of bug photographs taken in our back yard. Look close and it's surprising what one can see.
Bugs Slide Show ♦ ♦ Same selection of images as in the above gallery display but with a different and fresh presentation method.
Critters Slide Show Eagle images were borrowed, the remainder are exclusively ours, oh and no - we don't have a frog fetish!
Wild 'Oops' Slide Show Pictures from the web of some very definitely 'oops' moments. The majority center around mistakes made with airplanes.
The Big Bear Chopper A friend's chopper - now sold on but - a fine machine to see. Built from a kit this was always an eye-catcher.
The Astro Collection A selection of images gleaned from NASA, Hubble, and other sources. Cosmic views, earth views from shuttle and space station, and planets.
The Astro Collection 2 -Pot Pourri ♦ ♦ As above plus a few extra pictures but using a different method of presentation. Much variety of imagery and some fascinating pictures.
All About Fractals Start here for the two following slide shows, to learn more about fractals and how the images were generated.
Fractal Extravaganza 1 To keep sizes uniform for display, this is a collection of 130 fractals in horizontal orientation. A Powerpoint download is also available with a selection of these.
Fractal Extravaganza 2 Again, we maintain aspect uniformity - in this case vertical orientation, with many more (over 130) further images to enjoy. A Powerpoint download is also available with a selection of these.

We hope over time to still be able to add more items of interest. (Latest addition - April 2010)