ACB System's MVPA Transcontinental
Motor Convoy 2009, Gallery"

The 90th Anniversary of the 1st US Army Motor Convoy across the US, following Route 30, The LIncoln Highway. This gallery selection covers when they were stopped for a break on day #2 6/14/09, at The Old Bedford Village, PA. These images are much reduced and compressed and so resolution is limited - also detailed accurate information is often sparse due to significant lack of personal historic vehicular knowledge! More details added as and if received.

The thumbnail below is a grab of the first displayed image in this "Highslide" gallery slide show. Click on that to open the gallery viewer. With the mouse cursor over the large picture you will see a control bar, which gives several options - these are labeled by flyouts when hovered over.

Above the large picture in the viewer is a sequence of thumbnails - clicking on one of these will display its large image. Clicking on the control bar "play" symbol will initiate an automatic slide sequence. Left and right arrows will permit display forwards or backwards. Go ahead - play and enjoy.





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